PHILOSOPHY:- Achieving Excellence Together


King of kings  School  CBSE stands out with its ambience of respect towards a learner. Its dynamic resilience to change with times has created the right platform for developing a child’s faculties. Our aim is to impart quality education to children.

  • To imbibe ethical and spiritual values among the students so as to groom them to become generous human beings.
  • To develop all round personality of the students
  • To instill the feeling of patriotism and national integration so as to help them become worthy citizens and commanding leaders of their country.
  • To develop the overall personality of the students so that they are geared up to face the competitive world.
  • To inculcate human values into the children to become good human beings by channelizing their energy to create a positive environment.
  • To encourage curiosity, self expression, joy and aesthetic sensibility.
  • To provide an atmosphere of cooperation and shared endeavour in the pursuit of learning and growth. Students must actively participate in discussion and creatively solve problems and learn from each other.


The school follows an Integrated Inquiry- Based Approach wherein learning by doing is pivotal.

  • Assimilate on of conceptual knowledge and application of the acquired knowledge.
  • Theme-based Trans- disciplinary Approach.
  • Excellence in scholastic, co-scholastic and life skills education is central to our pedagogy.
  • D.E.A.R. is a Programme to Drop Everything and Read. The initiative is an effort of the school to promote reading habit among the students and also to polish their language skills.
  • Circle conversation corner- Time is a specially designed time-slot at the disposal of the students when they avail the opportunity to express their thoughts without any inhibitions and give flight to their imagination.
  • Creative and Public Speaking Classes are a regular feature of the school routine which enhances language and communication skills.

We at king of kings School CBSE believe in the holistic development of the students and adopt a child centric  approach for their development and learning. Our pedagogical practices and unique teaching methodologies ensure that students are equipped with the ability to think independently and reflect critically on societal, national and global issues. Inculcating values through education and not just value education as a subject, is a guiding principle with us. Through value Education we focus on future and not just present abilities, which slowly designs a unique path through self discovery.