Abide for Prominence

” I will bless you and make tour name famous , so that you will be a blessing ” – Genesis 12:2

King of kings School CBSE is blessed with this promise verse for the year 2019 – 2020

God blessed Abraham for his obedience and his sacrifice. This year is a theme based year with title ” Abide for Prominence ” . Each month is categorized into separate theme namely Abide to Voice of God , Abide to Sacrifice the best , Abide to inherit the blessing , Abide to do what is right , Abide for revelation , Abide for the blessing of others , Abide to be richly blessed , Abide to be a good leader , Abide to be blessed in everything we do ,  Abide to his command, Abide for the blessings of future generation. Indeed with God’s guidance and his presence every children and teacher are inspired for moral and spiritual life.  There are main reason behind the blessing of Abraham.

Abraham's innocence and honesty:

Genesis 22:2 says that Abraham was asked to go to offer his son. He saddled his donkey and took Isaac to the place God had told him. Arriving there, he bound his son Isaac laid him on the altar on the wood, and then he took the knife and was ready to slay his son. Abraham had no arguments, no complaints and no conflicts, he simply was submissive.

His Genuine faith toward God

When Abraham was tested and asked to offer his beloved son, Issac, he did not doubt God’s intentions, much less did he leave God. Instead Abraham practiced his faith through his actual action, proclaiming that his faith was true and whether he was blessed or not his faith didn’t change. Therefore he is worthy of the title of “Father of faith”.

His total submission to God

Abraham did not know God’s intention, nor did he know it was just a test, it was precious that he demonstrated his total submission to God.

If we are possessed of the honest humanity of Abraham, possess his faith and obedience to God and act according to God’s commands, then we will definitely receive. God’s blessings and be given all that we need. For the Lord Jesus said ” For your heavenly father knows that you have need of all these things, But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.